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We realize that our Association is not immune to the problems associated with abuse. Vilunteerspot is committed to addressing this issue through various activities, programs and educational efforts on regional and national levels. Get the latest conference info on your smartphone or tablet! Those photographing, videotaping or otherwise recording events cannot interfere with showcase technical crew, stagehands, etc. Recording must occur from the show floor.

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Access to the event power supply will not be allowed. Special Needs Although the Association strives to make all events accessible to all participants, including individuals with disabilities or special needs, where reasonably possible, not all special needs may be accommodated at all sites. If the Association is unable to provide the special service s requested by a delegate and the delegate does not attend the event, the Association will refund the registration fee. Then go visit them in the Campus Activities Marketplace. She currently works on a faculty development project with the tribal colleges in her state.

She describes herself as a lifelong aspiring ally, still learning, and eager to talk with you about the ongoing journey toward social justice that we all support. She wrote More Than Listening: Her research interests are in college student mental health and American Indian college student success. Educational Session Aspire to Be an Ally: In addition, Greg manages major campus events like Welcome Week, Homecoming and Family Day as well as entertainment and event related contracting. Greg is currently the chair of the Foundation Board of Best hookup site for retired professionals volunteerspot.

Innovation Imagine and create new opportunities, improve experiences, and anticipate the needs of our members. Communication Enhance relationships through the effective, efficient and timely exchange of information and ideas. Learning Provide opportunities for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies. Respect Commit to see and celebrate the unique value in ourselves, others and the Association. Inclusivity Create, with intention, environments where all people can thrive and be successful. These core values are the fundamental beliefs that guide our behaviors and decision-making process. As a recognized leader in higher education, we believe our professional values are vital to the advancement of the Association and the campus activities profession.

Network with Schools in Your Area. How does it work? To learn more, attend a Block Booking Orientation. Form The digital avenue to alert an artist or their agent that a school has interest. Strong Interest Lowest level of interest, can be a range of dates not to exceed 1 month. Schools can upgrade at any time. Single date Low level of interest, should be a specific date. Contract if Block Forms School commits to a contract if a block forms within 45 days of the event. Valid only if there is a block, cannot be downgraded after block forms. Contract Requested on Site Highest level of commitment, no block needed, contract will be sent to school within 45 days of the event.

Contracted Performance Indicates that the artist is unavailable due to another performance. Schools and associates are encouraged to upgrade all business to CP after schools return to their campuses and finalizing their schedules. Anyone can participate in Block Booking! Schools can use low levels to notify Associates to stay in touch after the conference. Educational Sessions Meeting Rooms OK, he ties balloons! Margaret is truly an artiste. With her freehand style no stencileach piece she creates is literally an original work of art. She is also a henna artist. They are the perfect complement to your fair or festival. Rod is a young man with an inspirational story of overcoming the adversities of growing up in poverty with a drug-addicted mother and an absent father.

Separating his lecture-based workshop from most spoken word shows is his ability to charismatically react to the audience. The show is more of a conversation than a monologue, as the audience is encouraged to ask questions between poems, which makes each presentation unique and personal. He speaks on how he earned a full scholarship to college in spite of his surroundings and unknowingly took on a leadership role in his community. They see someone who turned nothing into everything by simply holding on to life. Through that, they are inspired and motivated to try harder to achieve their own dreams.

Booth Home Base: She intertwines silly one liners with whimsical stories in a playful but thought provoking way. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a double major in finance and international business, he discovered his true love was comedy. Jeff LeBlanc graduated from Sacred Heart University, earned a history degree and imagined his destiny would likely be as a middle-school teacher. Price based on multiple dates in a given number of days Contract On-Site Discount: Discount given for confirming a date and requesting a contract at the conference; may not apply to all showcasing artists Check with agency to determine if price listed includes applicable state and local taxes.

NACA makes no representation regarding state and local taxes.

Hall B 11 AM— There are so many pas to do and mi this voyage.

Through professiohals quirky humor, you will witness hookuo odd experiences of a Japanese woman in 21st century America. Recently, she made her first international appearance at Asiafest in Adelaide, Australia. Currently, her hometown sushi is in Los Angeles. Raised by songwriters, Xclusive was first introduced to volunteersot through the classical piano, but he soon took a keen interest in dance and by age 17 had perfected his own fof form. Bringing his talent to proefssionals events, Kenneth quickly grew into quite the talented performer. Volunteefspot, Xclusive makes appearances on network television and tours college campuses nationwide.

This multi-talented and multi-dimensional fetired utilizes physicality, inventive artistry, and pop culture to FLAT OUT entertain an audience. Xclusive has developed and seamlessly executes a one-man, three-ring circus of which he is the ring master. One day, Nathan made an off-the-cuff comment in his eighth grade math class. The teacher laughed so hard he had no choice but to dismiss his students early. It was at that moment he knew comedy was his way to bring more joy to the world and shorter math classes to students. Nathan brings a friendly personality on stage while delivering a confidently vulnerable attitude, quick banter and tightly written bits.

His unique perspective on the most ordinary situations not only elicits laughter, but is also critically appreciated by a diverse audience. He is noted for his observational humor, which stems from his personal experiences as an immigrant from Nigeria who assimilated into American culture and society. Through comedy, Opey explores what makes us different and more importantly, how these differences make us all the same. By high school, he was penning contracts with labels, licensing music to Microsoft, and performing at SXSW. Growing up outside a small Kansas town, Chris Housman began his musical journey at age seven when he taught himself to play the fiddle.

Growing up listening to everything from bluegrass to Motown, Chris marinates his diverse musical inspiration with small-town soul. They pull their favorites from a wide variety of musical influences to create an energetic set that appeals to all.

Reading the Fine Print It is tough to be a fair negotiator while remaining shrewd and keeping the best interest of the institution in mind. Learn what is meant by some of the fine print in entertainment contracts. Leading others is no easy task! Every profeseionals brings with them their own unique history, personal level of experience and profwssionals motivation for volunteerrspot involved. This session deals with prfessionals situations between agent and student. We are getting very real ofr looking at etiquette in a whole new way, so hold on to your socks!

Be one of hoikup campuses, without breaking the budget. Retieed dynamic session is geared toward students who are interested in learning the basics on how to effectively network. Get ready to step outside your comfort zone. Discover how you can incorporate these five practices into your current leadership position. Kouzes and Barry Z. Come with a couple of your best ideas to share! You will learn about the agents, the booths and the hidden gems of information. We will role-play scenarios in the booth and demonstrate how to talk to agents and manage the CAMP world. Looking to have a rewarding time at Northern Plains?

Pete was raised in Janesville, WI, by divorced parents and a inch television, which is probably why he pursued a career in entertainment. Scott Moore, assistant vice president of operations, was also in the audience that evening. He witnessed an audience made up of residents, guests, and employees really enjoying themselves. Jim Davey, Ken Nesselroade, Dr. To see more photos from the Variety Show, visit our Facebook page at www. Yet, due to the nature of their work, the team who takes calls and facilitates solutions around the clock has remained relatively anonymous. Many residents have asked for an introduction to the voices of And this time, Shell Point Life is answering the call.

We are pleased to introduce you to the Call Center staff.

When Shell Point residents have a Brst request, maintenance emergency, or any other inquiry, aite know the number to call — A team of eight staff members shares the responsibility of being there, around the clock, to provide assistance to the residents hookupp Shell Point. And residents appreciate their dedication. Monday volunteerwpot Friday — and also on call as needed Keri was born in New Jersey. Her family moved to Cape Coral, Florida, when she was just one rtired old. She will celebrate her four-year milestone with Shell Point this August. Keri found satisfaction in her job right away. At the end, she thanked me for my kindness. She explained that her husband had just passed and that my smile meant a lot to her at that time in her life.

I still talk to her every now and then. I work in a beautiful place and enjoy spending my downtime at the beach! Monday through Friday A native of Titusville, Pennsylvania, Tammie moved to Florida in to seek better job opportunities. And that is just what she found when she started working at Shell Point later that year. She also likes going to hockey games. When she joined the Call Center staff in June ofshe quickly found that she enjoyed the job. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Craig, and their German shepherd, Rex.

Monday through Friday Lori moved to Florida from Asheville, North Carolina, in so she could be closer to the beach. She began working at Shell Point shortly after settling in Southwest Florida.

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