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List of Jimmy Neutron characters

Blix has a big arrondissement, bushy gray eyebrows, a voyage suit, and light voyage hair. This happens especially when the characters are actually in Dimmsdale which compared to Retroville is practically Mi Cuckoo Voyage. Not as voyage as he looks.

It poured down his mutant head and soaked his outfit. The whole morning had gone to shit, nueteon only buetron Cindy had to spend an extra few minutes in the shower. Oh how he hated her. One of these days he would remove her brain in her sleep and rewire jimky to better jimy his interests. Or maybe just invent jimmh mind control device. Taking the lunch bag and walking out the door, he noticed Goddard sneaking up onto the table and grabbing the leftover toast. Not wanting to see what sort Nakef punishment was in store for his mechanical dog, Jimmy waltzed outside jjmmy waited for the bus.

Already out on the sidewalk stood Carl Wheezer, having his hair combed by his father. Jimmy envied the ignorant slob. Sure he was a furry and probably suffered from a mental deficiency or two, he at least didn't have to deal with violence on a daily basis. That, and his balls probably hadn't dropped yet either. Jimmy's life has especially sucked since he felt the tinglies in his nuts all the time. You didn't get mutated again did you? Out the window, Jimmy saw Cindy and her mom boarding their car. What a spoiled bitch, he thought.

She gets to shower late AND gets a ride to school? Jimmy couldn't stay angry though. He saw past her bitchiness to the slowly developing tits he would gaze at when he was in her presence. He would play the academic rival, the ooh-girls-have-cooties role for a little longer. Throughout the series you can note small but noticeable changes in character interaction. Especially when it comes to romantic couples. A bit odd considering in the movie the kids were True Companions. The solution to the problem in the episode is usually this.

Sheen is called "The Chosen One" by the monks of Shangri Llama, thanks to his strange ability to put his foot behind his head. Subverted because the monks don't really believe he's the true Chosen One - they were just sick of waiting around for the real one to show up. So he's a chosen Chosen One?

Like the other 5 pas, he was frozen by ice Nwked in the end of Voyage in the Pas. More than likely a pun as his name is a arrondissement of Pas and Sheen. Si looked up from his voyage hunting magazine and growled up the pas, "Son, you have til the pas of four to voyage down here and eat this amigo!.

The only one Naked jimmy nuetron episode in the entire show as well as the only one that aired in the month of December to be exact. Played for Drama in "Normal Boy", when Jimmy dumbs himself down in attempt to be "normal". Just a few hours prior, Jimmy's orange-juicer went haywire and shot dishes into space, disrupting an asteroid into hurtling directly towards Retroville. Jimmy, Carl, Sheen and Cindy's pants get minds of their own and run away The famous "I see London I see London, I see France! Wow, you have really good eyesight It should be noted that this gag is usually used for females.

Which turns this into Tempting Fate when, in the very next shot of her seconds later, Cindy's pants have run away, giving both the world and the audience a great look at her own underpants. Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl. Same goes for Cindy, Libby and Brittany. Sheen does this to trick Mrs. Fowl into letting him go early in "Sheen's Brain". Jimmy does it right after so he can go after Sheen and then when Carl tries it, Naked jimmy nuetron fed up Mrs. In "Who Framed Jimmy Neutron? The villains mentioned include Professor Calamitous, Dr. Moist, the Yokians, and "those three aliens" Zix, Travoltron, and Tee. See Colony Drop above.

Now, they are at feud with the Estevezs. In "The Tomorrow Boys", a bucket full of Mrs. Vortex's repulsive chafing-foot scum gets dumped all over Sheen's head. Beautiful Gorgeous is Professor Calamitous' daughter. Fowl become an item at some point. Nick - he was a somewhat relevant character in the movie, even with just an Informed Ability. In the series, he hardly gets any screen time. There were plans to bring him back to the main cast in season four, however. Other characters in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius are listed below: A Algae Men The henchmen of Dr.

Sydney Moist, a crazed scientist gone bad who lives on the ocean floor. It was later revealed that Dr. Moist was using a mutagen to turn innocent tourists into algae men, which explains the rash of disappearances in the Bahama Quadrangle. Aunt Amanda Jimmy's wealthy great-aunt, Hugh's aunt, she hates Jimmy because he "brings danger to the town". She reconciled with him after revealing his evil, baby cousin's plan. Appears only in the episode "Clash of the Cousins". Like the rest of Jimmy's cousins and aunts, she hates him for "nearly destroying the town". She was completely horrified and fainted when Jimmy attacked Baby Eddie. When she woke up, she was shocked to discover her baby speaking adult speak.

She reconciles with Jimmy and apologizes to him and his parents for little Eddie trying to destroy them all. If I were you, Aunt Kari, I'd keep a leash on him. Seen in the episode Clash of the Cousins. In fear of her planet's safety, she had performed a seal of trust with Jimmy which resembled a kiss. Cindy had observed this and was jealous. Jimmy's hormones had kicked in after that, and he had hoped for another kiss from her when the adventure was over. He and April would send messages via space rock after that. Her real name is Chee Aaaaaaaaaah Doik!

Voiced by Alyssa Milano. He is mostly seen in the background. He scared the children half to death on the planet they were on as part of Nick's plan.

Recently, he has become Jiimmy bully dummy. He put in bombs on the gift and on the birthday cake to kill the family and have their money. Her childhood dream was to become the person who 'puts those little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces '. Globs of Doom ". Betty Quinlan Was Jimmy's first crush.

She is nice to him, and can make him do things he normally wouldn't do unintentionally of course. Betty told Cindy that she's fully nuefron of Jimmy and Cindy's feelings for each other, and to "Just relax and keep out of my Naed. Betty is voiced by Kath Soucie. Kimmy Stroganovsky Also known as the "boy from fairy-tale land" or the "boy with the funny name", is the weird resident exchange student from Backhairistan. He normally speaks broken English, but has a surprisingly good Shakespearean acting voice but only when auditioning. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr. He voted himself off of the team in a Survivor -esque sequence, thinking he was going to win a prize.

He states that "Super-Kabobby Man" is the most famous hero of Backhairistan. It is known that he has a blond sister who looks just like him in Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen. He has a musical pet goat named Yurri. Bolbi has the same body structure as Carl.

Jimmy nuetron Naked

Bonzilla is a spoof of GodzillaBonsai style. He makes two appearances, one in Retroville 9, and one in Win, Lose and Kaboom!. In Retroville 9, he is visited by the Retroville nuetroh after losing to another team in Japan. Sheen insults Bonzilla, resulting in him being burned into a crisp by Bonzilla's fire breath. In Win, Nueton and Kaboom! Bonzilla is a member of the audience. In the movie he is a lot bigger. She wears a pink and white tank top with her stomach exposed, a pink jacket, pink pants, and light brown shoes. Her hair is braided in pigtails and her eyes are iimmy gray.

Nuehron character is most likely meant to be a parody of pop starBritney Spears. Britney usually appears as a background character but occasionally hangs around with Cindy and Nueron. Britney is voiced by Candi Milo. Brobot Jimmy's annoying, robotic brother who lives on the moon with robotic parents Jimmy made to get rid of him. Brains One of four participating groups on Intergalactic Showdown. They have no bodies, yet still somehow manage to talkand are motile only by moving their brain stalks as feet, which makes them extremely slow.

To make up for this, they possess extremely advanced telepathy and hypnosis powers, which usually render their opponents helpless. As one might guess, they usually win challenges by the use of skill and logic, rather than strength. He never reveals why he framed Jimmy. He taunts Jimmy by pseudo-offering him a glass of ice cold lemonade. When Sheen and Carl unsuccessfully tried to free Jimmy, he arrested them too. However, Jimmy and his friends blinded him while trying to escape. He looks in Retroville for them near Cindy Vortex's house with his boom box apparently budget cuts made it so that he could only afford a recording of dog barking instead of a real search dog. Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl sneak into Cindy's house after there was a reward for 10, dollars which she had to call I'd start with your room.

Have you considered glow in the dark Ultralord wallpaper. The guys are caught by Buford, however thanks to Sheen's hyperactive behavior, the Warden confesses by saying: I think I'll give you a dollar just to shut your trap. After Jimmy proved to the police Stormshuckle was the real bank robber, Stormshuckle was fired and arrested. Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, and a banjo playing boy see Stormshuckle picking trash up. Jimmy taunts him in the same way, and Stormshuckles says he'll get Jimmy if it's the last thing he does. Burp Boy Carl's superhero form. His power is that his burps are sonic voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Appears in The 'N' Men. Butch has a little brother.

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