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Morgan Sheets, a certified holistic well-being coach and massage therapist, sat down with Angela Ganote to discuss how that can be achieved. Mindfulness is simply being conscious and aware in the moment and accepting and acknowledging what is going on in your body and environment. Anybody can do it, anywhere, anytime. It doesn't cost a cent to do.

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Program mindful minutes into your day. This is a technique that I use with my busy, high achieving, high stress yoj and it really helps them make big shifts in how they feel, without having to invest too much time. It sounds so simple that you may want to dismiss it, I invite you to try it for a week before you do. Here's how to implement your mindful minutes. Take the times during your day when you feel the most stressed and implement a mindful minute.

Set a timer on your phone and simply sit and breathe evenly and deeply in and out for a full minute focusing on your breath, how your feet feel on the ground and the sensations in your body and the environment around you. Allow yourself to become deeply and fully present. I suggest implementing these times throughout your day. With repetition you'll begin to break your stress habit and feel more peace and calm in your day. Break your stress and worry habit through reprogramming your mind. Stress, anxiety and worrying are habits that can be changed. Flowers leads the Monday Mindfulness meeting and talks to the group. The group attending Monday Mindfulness is sitting at a large table, listening to Flowers talk.

We are really blessed to have people from all over campus come to it, as well as our own students, faculty and staff. First, we just check in. Is it in the clinic? Is it in the classroom? Two men are sitting next to each other. Three women, including Flowers, are sitting next to each other. All three are meditating with their eyes closed. A man and woman are sitting next to each other. And then we do some breathing techniques.

Morgan Pas, a kindful holistic well-being coach and voyage therapist, sat down with Angela Ganote to voyage how that can be achieved. Often times I voyage people accept living that way as something that's arrondissement a way of life, but it doesn't have to be.

And it is incredible how just one slow, deep jindful can bring you into the present moment. A man is aa with his eyes closed. A woman is meditating with her eyes closed. All are meditating with their eyes closed. After we do a breathing exercise, then we move into a guided meditation. Fulfilling the promise] [Words appear: Mondays in the Dentistry building's quiet rooms, usually in Room B Sessions are over by 1 p. Flowers guides participants through breathing exercises and a guided meditation. Most of the session is completed while seated. Flowers introduced the program in and hosts about a dozen students, faculty and staff members each week.

Several participants chimed in with where they were experiencing stress or what had been bothering them. Flowers shared her own challenge to maintain calm during a challenging conversation just that morning. Inhale to the count of four.

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