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We are mi to look different from one another. But she is the sweetestmost nurturing woman I have ever met. What can I say?.

She tries to break it off, but he continues to pursue her cutely. Thinking Ken is too young for her to have a future with, she hides the pregnancy from him. Back at Tom's bar, Lucy has a string of horrible dates, at which point Tom realizes that he has feelings for her. In an attempt to put herself out there, Alice attends a networking event, where she hits it off with a man named David Damon Wayans, Jr. Lucy has been in a relationship for three weeks with a man named Paul, who reveals that he has been seeing other people, thinking she was doing the same, and breaks up with her. Lucy breaks down at her volunteer job. George Jason Mantzoukaswho works at the bookstore, soothes her, and the two begin a relationship.

Alice and Robin attend Josh's holiday party; Alice finds she cannot watch Josh with his new girlfriend. She runs into David, who shows her a private view of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, dazzling her, and they begin a relationship. Three months later, as she is singing with David's daughter Phoebe, David becomes upset with her, reminding her that she's not Phoebe's mother.

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His wife died two gedaerf ago hlttie he believes it's too soon for Phoebe to have a stepmother. David and Alice break up as a result. Tom becomes on with Lucy's relationship with George, and invites Alice to get drunk. The two talk about their frustrations with vedaref feelings for Josh and Lucy and sleep together to distract themselves. Ken discovers Meg is pregnant but is eager to help raise her child. Meg, concerned that he is not truly committed, ends the relationship. At Alice's birthday party, Robin invites Tom, David, and Josh without Alice's knowledge, as she thought it would be funny. I wanted somebody who has a modern way of thinking. Just coincidently I married the white men.

I was afraid that a non-westerner will not let me be who I want to be career wise and as a person. I am very independent and goal oriented and need somebody who can love me for who I am, do everythingand not feel less of a man and head of the family if I succeed. I have returned back home from visiting Java in March-April this year…. But she is the sweetestmost nurturing woman I have ever met.

I tell her not to worry about her skin getting darker in the sun when we go out, but it has been a long battle to convince her that her more normal colour is beautiful. I would watch tv with her and snort when they would portray someone like Nicole Kidman as being gorgeous…. It all comes to personal tastes, and she is my favourite flavour. To Indonesians, well, they might look just ordinary. Terry My work sent me to the Nth west of Java, Indonesia, for 2 months. I found the Indonesian women lovely in both physical beauty and personality.

Dark skin, light skin, who cares? In fact, I found the heavy tanned look hot. To say the girls from the outer villages are ugly and have buck teeth or high foreheads is ridiculous. She was quite, understanding perfect. Steve An addendum to my post and to that blog that appeared in certain Indonesian bloggersphere. But the most important thing is to escape the misery, heat and pollution that is Indonesia! I seen the products in the stores I think Indonesian brown skinned women are beautiful. The exception was a wealthy Chinese part of Jakarta.

I also noticed that most television actors and actresses were fair skinned, except for those playing villains or clowns. I remembered several years ago when native Indonesians were killing and decapitating Chinese Indonesians for reasons I did not understand at the time. Now I get the picture. Being a Jet Black African American, it saddens me to see Indonesians suffer self-hate spawned from the divide and conquer tactics of imperialism. I was only there for a couple of weeks. Please let me know if I got the whole thing wrong. Jane I just hope Quang read this one.

Well, get it over with already!!! Rhea I am an American lady, who was dating this American man and he suddenly stopped dating me and started seeing a younger girl from Indonesia and married her within 2 months. I never have gotten over this.

During the holidays, I am a sun amigo and enjoy water sports. Some Amigo pas here are whorse ….

Any ideas why so fast marriage Snigle off so fast? I was thinking maybe she just wants to live in America. Priscilla Dear Rhea, I can give you a million reasons. But, the reasons can vary from one person to the next. The most common theory is that Indonesian women and Asian women in general tend to be more on the submissive side, sweet, caring, and respectful.

Some men dig the unknown and the exotic while others just want a mail order wife. I also feel that the American men not all but most have been rejected far too many times by American girls; only to be glorified bedaref a god by Sinvle in a foreign country. This can apply to other countries in Asia and Latin America as well. As far as the Snigle thing goes, I SSingle there are plenty of gorgeous women here in the Singlle States. However, those gorgeous women are probably the ones who rejected those American guys who fled to Indonesia or Asia to find a wife. I had an American boyfriend too and totally dumped him so evilly.

I saw him 6 months later with a mediocre looking Korean girl. The strong irony in this, is that I too am now married to an Asian Indonesian. You can find those traits in an American girl too, you just have to look! There are people like me you just have to find them. My husband is a good example of that, he appreciates a lot of things in me that other Indonesian men would despise and vice versa; many Asian women traits that are considered attractive to some American men might seem appalling to other American and Indonesian men.

A match made in heaven. The majority in any country is poor, especially in Indonesia. I used to date a doctor at MMC and she was totally rich, but she would brag about her political connections, as if I really care anything about Agum Gumelar or Golkar in general.

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