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Dating Advice 98 - The Tall Handsome Doctor

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Now that I'm looking to date more seriously, it seems like finding a guy is nearly impossible. A lot of the women that were in my class also have had a hard time finding guys as well. Some of my friends have the notion that they would only stick with a guy that makes a good bit more than them. However, I am more than open to dating a guy that makes less than me as long as he and I were around the same economic class if that makes sense.

Advice Doctor dating

But when I tell guys what I do for a living Dooctor immediately become intimidated. I am not really sure what I am doing wrong at this point. I have given online dating a shot however a lot of guys don't really want a serious relationship. I am kind of confused too because of the guys that did settle down one of them who is making k something married a public school teacher in her 20s.

Now I am just davice to understand here, datig men wary of gold diggers so wouldn't it be best to date someone that makes close to what you make? They are amazing listeners. They are very smart. Doctors usually go through a lot of studies till they become licensed specialists and spend lots of years learning new stuff. Your head would spin from all the things they are aware of. They are able to provide their family with financial stability.

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Of datiing, their salary depends on the length of their practice, how many hours they devoted to their job, how good they were, etc. In recent months, friends have set me up with several younger women, and I've met others on my own or through Jewish dating networks. But I've found myself generally unfulfilled. I am happy to be meeting these new people, many of whom seem nice, but there's something missing.

Perhaps it is an interest in core qualities? I was a bit taken aback on a recent first date when a young woman confessed, "I don't usually let people Doctr me up, but when I heard you had a medical degree and were tall enough that I could wear high heels, I said okay. The last few months, I have given a lot of thought to what I am looking for in a potential partner. I like women who are advic enough advicr heart and aren't afraid to be silly once in a while. I also like depth of character. At the moment, I'm looking for a woman with the mind and spirit of someone a little older, in someone who is actually a few years younger.

Does such a woman exist? I would like to find a partner who has dreams and who will also support mine. I am attracted to women who are hardheaded enough to accomplish things in life and who are also somewhat visionary. Such qualities seem especially rare in the younger women I have met. With someone several years younger who I was recently dating, I tried to talk myself into it: Taking stock of my prior dating experience, one of my friends joked, "At this rate, you'll still be chasing after the year-olds when you're 80! What do you think: Am I looking for love in all the wrong places?

Gerry Dear Gerry, We've read your profile, and we have two suggestions that might help. The first has to do with what you are looking for in a marriage partner. You list a lot of vague, romantic qualities that we don't believe are very helpful to finding someone with whom you would want to build a lifetime relationship.

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