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Fighting for protection from coast to it unfolded on the most importantly a service representatives. Too bad dating agency 2 milly taiden 01 - android ios. Stix is an ursa shifter who's mother is determined to find him a mate. When she makes him an appointment with Gerri he graciously turns down her offer to find him a mate, thinking he can do it on his own. Under the guise of helping Satia get back on her feet Stix unknowingly agrees to Help Gerri with Satia. I loved how Stix was so understanding and allowed Satia to set the pace of their relationship. At the beginning of the book he mentioned how he wanted a mate to take care of, but I don't think he realized he would need a mate to help ground him.

Especially with all the twists life is about to throw at him.

Agency Paranormal coast to dating coast

First off, you can read this one without having read the other PDA Saber story by the author. This was a very emotion-packed story about Satia, a Saber shifter who suffered greatly both emotionally and physically prior to this story, finding her place in life. Feeling smothered by the males in her clan she decides to go to NYC to start her new life on Earth. Stix gets dragged to Gerri at the PDA by his mother but says he's not looking for a mate. Gerri works her magic once again Loved this book! Gerri works her magic once again and puts these two together by sending Satia to Stix for a job.

Not to spoil the story, there are several surprises along with discoveries made by both Stix and Satia as they find love, family, and their place in life. Lots of emotion and a little bit of action in this great addition to the PDA world. Stix is a Ursa a bear shifter and Satia is a Saber, this story is about a woman coming into her own from being a scared woman to stepping out with confidence and protecting the ones she loved, this was an amazing story. I liked Satia and Stix together they had some pretty hot chemistry going on together, there were some sad scenes but things turned out in the end. I always love the character Gerri.

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