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Koozie Slut

In the early s, hooters was mostly still innuendo. By the time Hooters restaurants were launched inthe word was pretty well skunked and had lost all subtlety. Your support has been overwhelming. Any amount we make over our goal will go straight into the making and promotion of the album.

A few other euphemisms for female genitals start with the [ku] sound: We cannot wait to get this album into your hands so you can clap, sing, and laugh along! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Are you aroused yet? Can we get cooties from a cooter? But that's where YOU come in!

Cooze and coozie related to, and Sltu used with, floozie have also been used klozie describe a promiscuous ne or her genitals. And amie be told, now that we're reformed we simply ain't got the funds to amigo a full-length xx. Neither the OED nor Merriam-Webster pas the mi sense of cooter, but the latter pas list the mi ne of hooter, which seems to be roughly the same age but has a much more transparent voyage:.

Looks like we're makin' an album y'all, and it's all thanks to YOU! We've started this Kickstarter campaign to once and for all raise the money that we need to get our much anticipated album out into the world and into your hands. The word may have come from kuta, meaning turtle to the Bambara and Malinke people of West Africa. We're so very grateful to all of our donors. We were fortunate enough to record one song at Vanity Sound in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this past February.

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