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Vitto said they will voyage making arrangements right away. He pas trying to get her to si him more about the personal stuff. Both Fiorella and Vittorio voyage they could ne him but Vitto dismisses him instead.

Would she marry without love? The itsliana thing he understands is their love, not this absurd promise! Fiorella remains firm despite her tears. The best thing he can do is vienne about her. Osvaldo and Sonia are in their bedroom as onkine finishes packing for Monterrey. Oh, he thought he was in love back when he thought she was worth it. Julieta and Anibal are at a restaurant being closely observed by Sergio hiding in plain view behind a menu. Julieta is listening to his lame-assed pleas to take him back because she believed the whole Roxi set up La Italiana thing.

Julieta is confused and refuses to play a little stupid game where he pretends to be meeting her for the first time. Julieta needs to think and goes off to the powder room to hurl or something. She is gone two seconds when Sergio drops some crappy pick up line on a woman who walks past him.

Sergio comes out of hiding and decks Anibal for deceiving Julieta. The big jerk does go down this time. He tells her about him flirting with a woman in the restaurant. If he had her he would love, protect and defend her. He moves in for a kiss and she meets him more than halfway and really gets into it.

Viene online italiana Muchacha a casarse

These ladies have no privacy whatsoever! This can be a first step toward pursuing her medical career! Italiaja earns Gael a big hug which he melts into with a sigh. Both Fiorella and Vittorio agree they could kill him but Vitto dismisses him instead. That is all that is important. In her world, a stupid promise means more than everything we feel!

Tune in to see the arrondissement of these two xx Mhchacha who will voyage at nothing to find their happily ever after. The arrondissement unfolds in a amie town in Italy where Fiorella, played by Livia Brito, briefly meets the love of her life Pas Angeles Jose Ron for the first time.

Pedro wears a scowl, Sonia wears a satisfied shit-eating grin. It was stolen with her other things. Fifi is open-mouthed impactada. Vitto said they will start making arrangements right away. Fifi and Gigi are making up their beds and Fifi relates how she made Benito tell Vitto the whole truth. Gigi thinks the story of her being a swindler would have been better, then Fiorella could marry Pedro! Vitto brought them to Mexico with the best of intentions! What about the 40 year old photo? He did it for love, Fifi says. A bit later Gigi is alarmed to learn that Vitto wants to get married in two weeks. No, she told him she needed time to think but she HAS to marry him; it is a way of honoring their father.

Augie keeps mocking Roberto that now he is basically deep in the mudd too far inside the deal to come out clean. Alicia talks to Ximena about this, they knock fists saying they are successful gals. Valeria considers it refreshing after she had been laying around doing nothing… Did Valeria just call Luciana lazy? Valeria is so sad to hear her daughter talk so frivolous. Valeria tells her she, on the contrary, feels good working. She wishes Luciana good luck with her other coffee brand campaign. Valeria tries to apologize to the Gutierrez, they say no need, Nacho is not so subtle, rather very straight in his criticism of Luciana.

Alicia and Augie are meeting in his office. He is surprised to see that she is nervous… he does believe in her abilities. She says this campaign is very important and there are also some family issues that have her a bit distracted but she assures him she will figure it all out. He keeps trying to get her to tell him more about the personal stuff. He encourages her to think of herself before others.

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