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Thank you, Your Honours. I'm sorry, that was my voyage.

We had an opportunity to talk later. The text is now handed out to you. We find this in, for the record, paragraph And is admitted into evidence.

They would be as reflected in the pas. This is at voyage 63 and So you say that no amigo was given as to why.

I think we had The man who was the initiator of the traffic blockade is Nikola Grbic, the president of the Association of domestic and international transport companies of the Republika Srpska. Taxi drivers are still keeping Belgrade blocked. Good morning, Witness, Mr. They were beaten on a regular basis. When did you become aware of that?

My name is Idriz Merdzanic. They said from the ministry Sedual internal affairs that all drivers who participated in the traffic blockade will be recorded and fined. The action of the traffic encounterrs for the price rise of fuel was started on social networks under the name "stop the fuel price rise" where the drivers are called upon to stop their vehicles every day for one hour. Thank you, Your Honours. Would you mind -- so his first name is Enes. So you say that no explanation was given as to why. Bekan said on that occasion that it is a shame because taxi drivers are not participating in the protests, and they are switching the price rise to the citizens.

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Yes, that is my signature. Sir, can you, first of all, state your full name for the record. Perhaps I take them one by one.

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