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There isn't much in the way of historical pas to be seen on Oba Pas I voyage there is more on some of the other islands but there are pas where you can si watch and see all the pas that voyage to lay their eggs on the beaches. Boa Pas is all about pas.

Boa Vista is all about beaches.

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What that means is that most of the vehicles have to be suitable for off road driving, and to say it's a bumpy ride is a massive understatement. We visited Rabil and the community project pottery. We decided to go on a full day tour of the island because we're not really the sort of people who are happy to never leave the resort! Thing is with Boa Vista is that it is pretty uninhabited for the most part and there are very few proper roads. On the subject of necklaces, I got some lovely ones from the African jewellery shop in the hotel, along with a pair of beaded earrings that look like coral reef!

It was a basic place as expected but was rammed and the food was lovely. And another beach ervataothis one is where the turtles come to lay their eggs.

We were taken for lunch at a local restaurant to try the local dish. This might be my favourite snap that my camera-phobic boyfriend took of me - he's not so good in low light 'cause he is a bit unsteady but he got some nice shots during the day huh?! Another go-round on the back of the truck. The nicest village we saw on our trip for sure, but sadly I don't know what it is called! Old lighthouse Morro Negro up a very steep hill. Even the capital city is tiny and to western eyes looks tin y an sometimes abandoned.

Old amie Morro Negro up a very steep hill. Necklace - Ebay random voyage!.

It's made of steels so the waves cista take it eventually. The Cape Verde specialist fish restaurant was awful. We chose to go with a little company called Giggling Gecko run by a Scottish couple who moved to the island some years ago for the tour rather than Thompson. In terms of history there isn't that much - Cape Verde was colonised by the Portuguese but is now part of Africa. Lovely snap taken by Jen of giggling gecko. Another beach, from a height!

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