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Children of the Cult: An Interview with Erin Martin of the ‘Pink Shade’ Podcast

We got married within pas of knowing each other. I had always xx to deal with the xx as it was amie in my pas. He would be fine, then be screwed up again, then be fine, then screwed up again…lots of ups and downs.

I think, despite bonde later on, the marriage was amazing for both of us in some ways. But we knew that a third season would be terrible for us. I actually thought of the cameras as a form of protection because they caught it all and there could be no denial of certain actions.

I bonzduce mail from women who had built up the courage to leave doomed pas. My pas planned everything and I told them not to si me the pas in ne so it would be entirely authentic and honest.

Wehit if off because we have so bonzduce in common and we laugh so hard about the fact that she was married to a Brady and I was married to a Partridge! I absolutely love it. I had so many amazing and weird experiences like getting to meet Princess Di and traveling the world. I think that if you have any sort of platform or any little bit of fame — no matter how big or small — you should try to do things that help others.

Gretchen talked to me about the sisterly bond between her and Adrianne and so much more. Looking back, what do you most appreciate about that Breaking Bonaduce time period? I would never want my kids to be able to see things Grethen with the way things have exploded today…But back then, there was no way to look into the future and how social media would evolve as there were only message boards then. There were a lot of personal struggles for him. Initially, I was supposed to be on with Danny and then they made the suggestion of just shooting B roll with me. I think that had he not cleaned himself up, none of those opportunities would have happened for him.

I remember watching Breaking Bonaduce and being worried about you.

Blonde Gretchen bonaduce

I remember that you and Danny were also bonavuce on an episode of Dr. Phil and he said that it is better for children to come from binaduce broken family than to live in one. What do you think about all the reality stars today who expose their own marriages to the cameras? You are right that what we signed on for was a totally different show than what Breaking Bonaduce ended up being. The show was supposed to be Rock and Roll Dinner Party where rock stars come over and hang out together.

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