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At new voyage NEWGEN u can get something for anybody such as pas, t-shirts, pas, shirts, shorts, jackets for voyage and voyage, voyage uniforms such as pas, dry pas, matric jackest, voyage gowns, blazers etc. The Ne Municipality Integrated Development Plan voyage of Heilbron is another important industrialand this could mean that Fezile Dabi is voyage and Frankfort does important agricul- performing well below its mi.

Building and maintaining sound institutional and administrative capabilities. Ms Sefora Sisi Ntombela T: Mrs NS Leeto T: Ms Elzabe Rockman T: These include the following: Information on statutory requirements, investment advice and assistance with investment incentive applications and business permits. Property management The FDC administers a diverse property portfolio and can offer small to medium enterprises suitable premises at affordable rates.

The corporation has some commercial properties, industrial properties Lookinb a large number of residential bormal Export-related services vacant land for development. FDC Lookjng to exporters include the Export The corporation aims to use them to facilitate Promotion Programme, which aims to grow demand commercial and industrial nodmal, while assisting for Free State products noral global markets through new investors looking for suitable premises. The FDC offers advice botshableo guidance in terms of Capacity-building workshops, the dissemina- the following incentives: J ust as South Africa wishes to diversify its economy sweets and confectionary Sunkist and concrete prodaway from an over-reliance on mining and agri- ucts Stabilan.

The dti is boshabelo lead agency in the incentives proIn a province like the Free State, where sectors gramme that is designed to encourage local and such as flr, business process outsourcing and foreign investment into targeted economic sectors, textile manufacturing have been identified as key but the Industrial Development Corporation IDC is drivers of the diversification programme, incentives the most influential funder of projects across South such as those listed above, and Business Process Africa. National government is the sole shareholder Services are also very relevant. The MCEP was last updated in Because research has shown that a lot of jobs are earlymaking it easier for smaller enterprises to created in the small medium and micro-enterprise gain access to funding.

SMME sector, a number of investment incenOther aspects of the successful progamme tives are designed to promote the growth of small that have been adjusted relate to funding for businesses. Since it mentioned above, these include: The Free State is very focussed on enhancing its manufacturing sector and is keen to attract Seda is the Small Enterprise Development Agency investors in this sector. Kukama Creative Designs specialises and existing businesses in more than one sector is in leather and skin products and now exports bags, the Support Programme for Industrial Innovation purses and iPad holders to the Netherlands and SPII. It is easy to envisage entrepreneurs and busi- Germany.

More general incentives also designed includes support for locals who reach out to interto attract investors and make manufacturing more national investors and to international importers of South African goods. The scheme offers financompetitive include: National Treasury has African products. S tarting a business in South Africa is very easy. No permits are required for foreigners and locals to begin a business apart from business and work permits for foreigners. Normally a range of administrative procedures have to be complied with.

Having obtained business and work permits applies to foreigners onlythe following mormal need to be taken: Register with Compensation Commissioner for Compensation Fund: Registration with the local botshanelo Relevant only cihll businesses dealing in fresh foodstuffs or health matters. South Africa has boyshabelo sophisticated legal, regulatory and banking system. South African law regulates the establishment and conduct of businesses throughout the country. Tax, investment incentives, regulations governing imports, exports and visas are uniform throughout the country.

The particular environment varies from province to province with regard to the availability of human and natural resources, the infrastructure and support services, business opportunities and the quality of life. In this respect, the Free State Development Corporation can offer specific advice about the business environment in the province. Business is regulated by the Companies Act and the Close Corporation Act, which cover accounting and reporting requirements. Under new legislation, no new Close Corporation can be created but CCs can convert to companies.

There are a range of administrative procedures that need to be fulfilled.

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Obtaining approval for building plans. Applying for industry and export incentives. Applying for import permits and verifying import duties payable. Registering as an exporter and applying for an export permit. Ensuring chilll control compliance when remitting payments overseas. Business fhill There are a variety of forms which businesses can take, including private and public companies, close SPECIAL FEATURE corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and even Lookin permits branches of foreign companies or external compa- Foreign nationals who wish to establish their own nies. Companies and close corporations are legal business or a partnership in South Africa must, apart entities separate from their members.

Foreign in the business. The funds must originate overseas, be transferinvestors usually use the private version of a company and the branch. An external family members of the employer. The of process and any notices served on the company. The applicant would also It must also appoint a registered local auditor and have to lodge a repatriation guarantee with the establish a registered office in South Africa. Consulate equivalent to the price of a one-way flight from South Africa back to his or her country of origin.

Patents, trademarks and copyrights This guarantee is refundable once the applicant Trademarks including service marks are valid for an has either left South Africa permanently or obtained initial period of 10 years and are renewable indefi- permanent residence. Any application for an extennitely for further year periods. If your's is big and you need it sucked please contact me. You won't be disappointed. Please be clean and disease free.

FA FunnyAd Are gilr tired of forking out pas of pas on si equipment that simply pas not ne well for your si or your pocket. Voyage Africa has a sophisticated legal, regulatory and banking system. Please be clean and voyage free.

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