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Pre-Inspection The purpose of the Pahzer inspection is to inform service members on the process needed to clear Government quarters. The housing inspector will brief service members cleaning standards and provide any documentation needed to clear your quarters. We at the housing office recommend the service member schedule a pre-inspection in order to manage any housing expectations which they may have prior to departure. When scheduling a pre-inspection, provide the counselor a copy of your orders.

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PCS, EROD, Retirement orders Housing counselor will schedule your pre-inspection in our housing database eMH and provide you with a date on when the housing inspector will come to the quarters to access damages and provide you with the standards needed to clear quarters. Housing counselor will brief you on TLA entitlements based on type of orders provided and will explain coordination of movement of HHG and delivery of Government loaner furniture. Final Inspection We have taken pride in providing you and your family the best Housing possible.

Our commitment to your family began the day our inspectors walked through your residence with the previous occupants in order to ensure that they were passing on the keys of a well-cared home to you. A fellow Service Member and their family will make your old home their new home. Please share our pride in their new home with us.

Final Inspection Process At your houzing inspection, the inspector we will: Inspect the quarter for cleanliness. Inspect storage rooms to make sure bulk trash has been removed. Collect all housing keys and remotes. Please email kazerne completed housing packet using encrypted email. Once kwserne receive your application, you will be added to the inactive inbound waitlist based on you rank and bedroom requirements. Once you arrive to USAG Stuttgart and in process with housing, your assigned housing counselor will determine your position on the active wait list based on the date you departed your last duty station.

Once assigned to a specific wait list and adequate government housing is not projected to be available for assignment within 60 days of service members arrival to Stuttgart, a Certificate of Non-Availability CNA may be issued. Understanding the Waitlist Wait lists are the single most confusing part of the assignment to military housing for our customers. Wait List Position Being on a wait list does not guarantee that military housing will be available when you arrive. When your assignment priority is established, you will be given a wait list position a number of people in front of you on the wait list.

Note that if you were provided a wait list position based on your estimated departure date, your assignment priority may change when your actual departure date is provided, and consequently your position on the wait list. The wait list is not static and your position may change in both directions until you reach the freeze zone.

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Moving Up on the Wait List Your position on the wait list may move up for a variety of reasons. Those above you have been assigned housing Those above you on the wait list defer assignment to military Panze due to personal circumstances e. Moving Down on the Panzer kaserne housing List Your kasere on the wait hiusing may move down also. This is because even after you are on a wait list, assignment priority i. For example, if you apply three months before your control date, and another person of equal priority applies a month before their control date, which is a day before your control date, they will be assigned a higher wait list position, which will move you down the wait list.

This is to ensure fairness to those who receive short or late change PCS orders and minimizes the benefit for applying early. The freeze zone is the top 10 percent of personnel on each wait list and freezes your position on the wait list from being lowered. Once you are in the freeze zone, no other personnel can jump your position on the wait list. The only exception to the freeze zone is for key and essential billets; all others with higher assignment priority than those in the freeze zone will fall directly below the freeze zone. Availability Family Quarters available at Stuttgart include two, three, four, and five bedroom units. Three to eight families share a common stairwell entrance and an outdoor area.

S standards, and one should consider permanent storage of larger items prior to coming to Stuttgart. Bedroom Entitlement Your rank and family composition as per your PCS orders are the primary criteria that will determine your specific bedroom requirement.

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