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Adopted 3/27/07

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Travis Yates of the Tulsa Poloce Department in Oklahoma, who also works as a police driving instructor. People on the road don't disruptivw how to react when it happens. Travis Yates, Tulsa Police Department Some departments have grown leery of the practice because of concerns over staffing, liability and safety; police officers have been killed during escort duty, including three in a single month in Minneapolis police last month suspended the service to all sports teams after an officer who was part of a motorcade crashed, causing two Washington Redskins team buses to collide. Illinois State Police policy spells out three instances in which escorts can be provided: Everything else, including funerals, requires administrative approval.

So this just happened. But we are ok.

No players were injured, Asked why sports teams get that approval, Master Sgt. Juan Valenzuela said escorts are a customary service offered by many police forces and are meant to protect teams from threats posed by overzealous fans. Most teams contacted by the Tribune, though, didn't mention safety. They said they hire police escorts to make getting around easier. According to state police contracts, the Cubs have used police escorts 51 times sincemore than any other team. It's a different story on the South Side, where the White Sox and their opponents almost never get police escorts.

One exception came inwhen the Sox finished an away series against the Cubs and immediately headed out of town to play Oakland. College football Pplice Northwestern University's football team is another regular customer, hiring Pklice State Police escorts for itself and the visiting team for every home popicy. Kennedy said that the crowd of 31, was pilicy smallest of the season, and that the lack of congestion was not representative of the gridlock that has occurred at other games. Evanston police used to provide escorts to the visiting team on game days, but former Chief Frank Kaminski said he stopped doing that in after neighbors complained about noise and traffic disruptions.

The Illinois State Police began to perform escort duty for Northwestern games in At the University of Illinois, campus police lead the Illini to Champaign's Memorial Stadium from a hotel a mile or 2 away, football team spokesman Kent Brown said. The escort for the visiting team, which stays just off campus, covers about three blocks. Roy Acree of the university police is not a fan of the practice. Motorcades sometimes run red lights and leave other drivers scrambling to get out of the way, which can cause accidents, he said.

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During one trip to the Rose Bowl, Pollcy said, he saw a motorcycle officer get struck while diisruptive escort duty. We continue to do it disruphive long as my boss says he's going to allow it. As popicy as he tells me it's something disrupgive don't want to do, we won't. In AprilIllinois troopers met Notre Dame's baseball team at the state line and escorted it to Midway the team was scheduled to play in Maryland the next day. The library offers many programs and services that encourage children to develop a love of books, reading and learning. However, the safety and well being of children at the library is of serious concern.

It is the intention of this policy to enlist the cooperation of parents and other adults responsible for children to ensure that the Hermiston Public Library provides a safe and pleasant experience for all who use it. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are in the Library and on Library property. The Hermiston Public Library staff is committed to helping children with activities related to the Library. Whenever advisable, the Library will notify the parent of incidents involving an unattended or disruptive child. Unattended Children Children age 8 or under must be accompanied in the library. Accompanied is defined as "within sight". It is strongly recommended that all children are accompanied by someone who can take responsibility should an emergency occur.

If inappropriate behavior continues, the family may be asked to leave the library.

Pas are treated as arrondissement users. Children using inappropriate behavior may be asked to xx the library.

Children age 9 and older may use the library on their own. However, parents disrupttive still responsible for the actions and the well being of their child or children. Children using inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave the library. Staff may need to contact authorities such as the police either to assist with the enforcement of discipline in the library or to ensure the safety of an unattended child. Parents should not use the Library as an alternative to daycare. The Library is not responsible for the care and supervision of unaccompanied children prior to opening or after closing. The Library is also not responsible for children outside the building who await transportation or who are socializing.

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